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Is it upgraded at some point in ZZ?

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Chris Maier asks,

> Could someone enlighten me as to what is the main difference between the

  The Enhanced ZZ Gundam (the precise term is "kyoka", as in "kyoka-ningen,"
the enhanced humans of Z and ZZ) is pretty similar to the regular version;
it has four large backpack thrusters instead of two big and four little
ones, extra vents (verniers?) on its shoulder armor, a different arrangement
of missiles in its backpack, and spikier skirt armor and heel thingies. As
you can tell from Dafydd's specs list, it's a bit heavier, with about a ton
more carried weaponry and two tons more propellant. A couple more
manuevering verniers, too.

  Presumably it can still separate and transform like the regular version,
but I don't think we ever see it actually do this.

-- Mark, who will be off-list for the next two weeks while vacationing in
Japan & Hong Kong...

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