Hyun Kye (h_kye@skidmore.edu)
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 13:10:45 -0400

Good to know that he is actually going to Korea~! ^^ It is very nice place
and I hope he likes it.
Hmm if it is Pho Hang, I am not too sure about the possibility. I mean, one
thing I remember was that I was staying at Pusan, which is also pretty close
to Japan, and yet I didn't pick up any Japanese channel at all.
There are some people who can see it but I think you need to have satilite
system installed so... Well I hope your friend have better luck than me at
least ^0^

Hyun Kye

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>A friend of mine is off to Korea soon, and is wondering if he could pick up
>any TV stations from Japan that are showing anime.
>He'll be in Pho Hang (I'm sure the spelling is wrong) which is supposed to
>be close to the Japanese border.
>If anyone knows what stations are available in Korea, it would be a big
>Thanks ^_^
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