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> Ok, ok. I apologize for my knee jerk reaction to the post. My post wasn't
> very well thought out and didn't do anything positive for this Gundam
> mailing list and I apologize for it. The flames are well deserved.

Now that we've both apologized to the list -- and, by extension, to one
another -- let me add that I, for one, am willing to forget that anyone said
anything at all.

> And -Z- as far as the two messages go, one was sent to the list and one was
> sent personally to you. I should have only sent a personal e-mail to you
> instead of the list. Think what you will, but that is the proper netiquette
> on quite a few mailing lists.

I don't really see how such a personal message would help. If you're writing to
a jerk about his being a jerk, he'll only be a jerk again when he responds --
and you've just given him your e-mail address. I compounded this by being a bit
of a jerk myself, but I invoke a reverse "Twinkie Defense" in that my blood
sugar made me cranky.


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