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> Why are you sending this crap directly to me, Daniel, and not to our mailing
> list, where your views might deter others from wrongdoing?

Which just goes to show you that everyone is subject to going off half-cocked.
I found this in my Inbox and replied to it before working through the 45
messages waiting for me from the list.

Bad boy! No bisquit! (COWBOY BEBOP reference)

My thanks to Joaquin Torres and Vince Leon for jumping to my defense. We all
seem to have made the same points, although I think I can safe lay claim to
being the most polite. I try always to emulate my father, whom my mother once
said could "tell someone to go to Hell in such a way that he'd hurry home to

Alas, I somehow doubt that we've sent this fellow packing. But maybe he'll
start checking his emotional baggage at the door?

In any case, I shouldn't have replied so precipitously or vociferously. I have
a blood test scheduled for a half-hour from now and have been fasting since
midnight, so I read and replied to this at absolutely the worst possible time,

My apologies to the list. Next time, I'll just ignore it, as the only good
response to something like this is to refrain from responding at all.


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