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Uhm I think it's because I was infected with this virus, and I recently did
some posts to the list therefore Z was nice enough to mail the more virus
information to the list than I could provide.

Complaining about spam is one thing, but then insulting another person when
they are trying to be considerate is another.


>Why are you sending this crap to our mailing list? No one wants to see
>another lame virus warning, nor any forwarded jokes or chain letters. They
>are all pretty much in the same category. Useless crap.
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>Subject: [gundam] OT - QAZ Virus and DBZ on I-Channel
>> I don't usually post off-topic, but both of these topics have come up
>> and I thought that some of you might be interested in hearing the latest.
>> The W32.HLLW.Qaz.A virus, also known as Qaz.Trojan and Qaz.Worm, is
>> the second most submitted virus to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center.
>> Norton AntiVirus has protected against this virus since July 18, 2000.
>> W32.HLLW.Qaz.A can spread over networks by using shared folders and enable
>> remote user to connect to and control the computer, Symantec suggests only
>> sharing folders with read-only access or using password protection. For
>> information on this virus, including instructions on how to protect your
>> folders, point your browser to:
>> http://service.symantec.com/vURL.cgi/nav57
>> The International Channel is also showing Dragon Ball Z, Sundays at 9pm
>> PST, with reruns the following Wednesday at 1am EST/10pm PST (followed by
>> rerun of Armored Trooper Votoms). Unlike Votoms, DBZ appears to be
>> Japanese. I say "appears" because I only caught the Next Episode preview
>> closing credits, so it's entirely possible that I just saw the only
>> portion of the show. Oh, by the way, the Japanese pronunciation of "Z" is
>> as in the British fashion, not "Zee" as in the American.
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