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> Subject: Re: [gundam] OT - QAZ Virus and DBZ on I-Channel
> Why are you sending this crap to our mailing list? No one wants to see
> another lame virus warning, nor any forwarded jokes or chain letters. They
> are all pretty much in the same category. Useless crap.
> Daniel

Why are you sending this crap directly to me, Daniel, and not to our mailing
list, where your views might deter others from wrongdoing? As you can see, I've
corrected that oversight now. I've also added your name to my Bozo filter, so
if you wish to rebut you'll have to do it here.

A few points, Mr. Beckham. First of all, it's not your place to tell anyone how
to behave, since [A} you could obviously use a few lessons in netiquette
yourself and [B} that honor already belongs to Dave Van Cleef, our host and
administrator of this list. If my posts are out of line, he'll tell me, not
you. YOU can tell HIM that you thought my post was inappropriate and leave it
to him to deal with however he may, but if you want to express an opinion about
the content of a given post, the proper venue is the mailing list itself.

Second, you should always READ a post and better still UNDERSTAND it before you
go off on a flame or tirade about it. The message in question was clearly
labeled "Off Topic" -- that's what the "OT" prefix means -- and prefaced with an
apology and rationale for posting off topic. The message was not "another lame
virus warning" but a continuation of my reply to an earlier post by a list
member who'd been infected by the QAZ Trojan and was concerned that others may
have also been so inflicted, possibly as a result of his posting to the list
while infected.

The second part of my post, appended hereto in the interests of clarity,
concerned anime on the International Channel, again in reply to an earlier
inquiry by someone else.

My post, albeit OT, contained no lame virus warnings, no forwarded jokes, and no
chain letters. If you go back through the Gundam Archives, you'll see that I've
made a considerable contribution to this list over the last few years, none of
which fall into any of the categories cited above. I don't recall seeing your
name on "our" list before and, in fact, the only thing I've ever seen from you
is this nastygram, which didn't even appear on the list.

Third, you should send one and only one reply to any given message, not the two
identical replies that I received from you. Mistakes like that make you appear
to be a technoklutz, which tends to undermine your message as a whole, no matter
how salient and well reasoned.

I'll cut you some slack because there have been a few spams on the list in
recent days and you may be off your medication. But I suggest to you than any
messages from Daniel Beckham regarding "useless crap" appear to be a case of the
pot calling the kettle black.

I further suggest that you follow the link at the end this message to the Gundam
Mailing List Archives and [A] see some of the dreck that routinely gets posted
here from people who have not yet had the benefit of your guidance and reproof
and [B] get some idea of what constitutes a worthwhile contribution, so that you
may emulate it accordingly.


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> Subject: [gundam] OT - QAZ Virus and DBZ on I-Channel
> > I don't usually post off-topic, but both of these topics have come up
> > and I thought that some of you might be interested in hearing the latest.
> >
> > The W32.HLLW.Qaz.A virus, also known as Qaz.Trojan and Qaz.Worm, is
> > the second most submitted virus to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center.
> > Norton AntiVirus has protected against this virus since July 18, 2000.
> > W32.HLLW.Qaz.A can spread over networks by using shared folders and enable a
> > remote user to connect to and control the computer, Symantec suggests only
> > sharing folders with read-only access or using password protection. For more
> > information on this virus, including instructions on how to protect your
> > folders, point your browser to:
> >
> > http://service.symantec.com/vURL.cgi/nav57
> >
> > The International Channel is also showing Dragon Ball Z, Sundays at 9pm
> > PST, with reruns the following Wednesday at 1am EST/10pm PST (followed by
> > rerun of Armored Trooper Votoms). Unlike Votoms, DBZ appears to be
> > Japanese. I say "appears" because I only caught the Next Episode preview
> > closing credits, so it's entirely possible that I just saw the only
> > portion of the show. Oh, by the way, the Japanese pronunciation of "Z" is
> > as in the British fashion, not "Zee" as in the American.
> >
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