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Like Z said, someone on the list had asked about this. If there is a virus
roaming the Internet and it gets on this mailing list then I want to know
how to remove it before anyone else gets infected. If you look at the
Gundam Archive, you will see that Z has posted and answered some very
pertinent items in regards to Gundam, and as his post says he does not
usually do this.

Sorry but I just have to defend one of the Gundam Mailing list Gurus.

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Vince Leon

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Why are you sending this crap to our mailing list? No one wants to see
another lame virus warning, nor any forwarded jokes or chain letters. They
are all pretty much in the same category. Useless crap.


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Subject: [gundam] OT - QAZ Virus and DBZ on I-Channel

> I don't usually post off-topic, but both of these topics have come up
> and I thought that some of you might be interested in hearing the latest.

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