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I agree, this is excellent news! I hope these rumors pan out to be true, but
they usually do-we heard about Sazabi and the HGUC Dom Tropen here before
they were announced...
Still no sign of the Zaku F2 yet; maybe it's been canceled because it's too
similar to other Zakus?
Hopefully the Full-Vernian will lead to GP03. If they have a GP-02, let's
all hope it improves on the old 1/144, perhaps the worst kit ever...

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Woohoo! Sounds like we're getting our Master Grade Nu Gundam ... just in
time for christmas. Excellent. The HGUC GP-01Fb was to be expected, what
with the GP-01 out just a while ago.
Mmmm ... how festive. Visions of fin funnels, dancing in my head =P

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> > > Slated for december release: > > 1/100 Nyu(?)-Gundam, > 1/144 Full-Barnian > 1/72 Lepracane(Dunbain) in Dec. > > > Looks like Bandai is taking the 0083 line quite seriously. > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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