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Most actors understand that there is a certain amount of "studying"
required for a role. It is not at all hard to find actors that are
willing to study on their own time, without any extra compensation.
The problem is that all of these companies have a certain attitude
that precludes this kind of actor research. Most of the directors
working on anime dubs are very ego motivated, and would rather the
actors be in the dark, so they do not have to argue over

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> >Agreed, it did get better in the end, from the brief bits I heard.
> >Its entirely unacceptable to keep VA's in the dark like that. I
> >think it should be mandatory that all dub VA's watch the series
> >(in its entirety!) in which they're acting, in subtitled form.
> >This will give them some idea of the mannerisms and
> >characteristics of the original seiyuu, along with a "big picture"
> >type view of how their character works. Methinks this would solve
> >many of the bad dub problems that plague us..
> While that's the way dubs should be done, it does increase
> production cost to a level where it might be prohibitive and would
> extend production time by months. If a dubbing studio does this,
> it'll only make them less competitive in the marketplace even if
> their quality of work is miles ahead of the rest of the
> competition. Also, some of the voice actor probably can't be
> bothered to watch the entire series as they're just in it for the
> paycheck, not the love of the series they're dubbing over.
> Eddie

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