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<< Agreed, it did get better in the end, from the brief bits I heard. Its
 entirely unacceptable to keep VA's in the dark like that. I think it should
 be mandatory that all dub VA's watch the series (in its entirety!) in which
 they're acting, in subtitled form. This will give them some idea of the
 mannerisms and characteristics of the original seiyuu, along with a "big
 picture" type view of how their character works. Methinks this would solve
 many of the bad dub problems that plague us.. >>

Slightly OT,however, I believe if the dialogue redo's for the US version of
the playstation game,Metal Gear Solid did something like this. I remember
reading somewhere all the actors who were involved with the game had to play
the game before they could start work on the dubbing. IMHO,they did a fine
job. (suspiciously...the actor who did Solid Snake in MGS sounds alot like
the VA for Spike in Cowboy Bebop)

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