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Agreed, it did get better in the end, from the brief bits I heard. Its
entirely unacceptable to keep VA's in the dark like that. I think it should
be mandatory that all dub VA's watch the series (in its entirety!) in which
they're acting, in subtitled form. This will give them some idea of the
mannerisms and characteristics of the original seiyuu, along with a "big
picture" type view of how their character works. Methinks this would solve
many of the bad dub problems that plague us..

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> > >I wonder if this wasn't more the V/O director's fault? And/or possibly a > >recording schedule that didn't allow the cast to become familiar with their > >characters? > > They did the recording sessions in 4-episode chunks, and the voice actors > did not get any scripts beyond the 4 episodes they had to do for the next > session. You can tell by how Zechs' voice changed from an evil Eurotrash > to a more diginified speech pattern towards the end of the series, > unfortunately he couldn't undo the damage that was done early in the series. > > Eddie > > > New items added at least once a week! Check out my eBay auctions at: > rt=3 > &since=-1&page=1&rows=0 > Please note the URL exceeds 80 characters and ends with "rows=0" not "sort=3" > > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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