Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 00:22:24 -0700

>Hey everybody, I've got a favor to ask.
>I'm considering taking on the daunting task of making a scratchbuilt Neue
>Ziel from 0083.

You do know that there's a resin kit out already, right?

>Does anyone know where I can find any good reference pics
>of this suit? All i can seem to find is the pic from the Mecha domain.

You should be able to find line arts and official design files for it in
the 0083 books from these series:

- NewType 100% Collection (OOP)
- Entertainment Bible, 0083 part II (OOP)
- MediaWorks Data Collection
- Rapport Deluxe

There's also the MS Wars book and the film comic series from Viz which
should contain the pics of it. You might want to also check out the MS
Encyclopedia that came out a few years ago.


>If i decide to go through with this I'll put up pics on my website
>documenting my progress for you guys,
> thanks a bunch!
> jeff
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