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> << 2.) The Escaflowne. As others have said, big sword, big armored suit.
> Its
> fantasy roots are so obvious that you could probably argue that calling it a
> mechanical is cheating, in a way. >>
> It uses a magic crystal to power it, but it is run on gears. Wouldn't gears
> still make it mechannical?

Yeah, but its the appearance of it that I'm thinking of. You could argue that
Data from ST:TNG is a mechanical design, since he's an android (albeit one played
by an actor, with special effects whenever we need to see under his skin). The
Escaflowne IS a mechanical design when all is said and done, but you have to
admit that its resemblance to an armored knight does, after a fashion, seem like
cheating. This is what I was referring to.


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