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Thanks to the stats program I run that parses my sites apache logfiles,
along with the usual referrals I see (i.e. what sites are linking to me), I
also see the keywords people enter in search engines that ultimately send
them to my site. Since my entire site gets indexed, including my updates
page, wallpapers, etc, there's a fair bit of text and occasional misdirected
queries. There's also some Funny Shit(tm) that I never would have guessed
people would try searching for =) The cake, as they say, was really taken
today though:
Observe the following search:
Yes, someone searched yahoo for "relena fucked", and not only that, ended up
at my site, all because that silly person didn't refine their keywords
properly ;p
Anybody else have any funny gundam site webmaster stories? Nothing that's
happened to me has ever topped the kids who kept e-mailing thinking that was duo's e-mail address. Scary ;p

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