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Mon, 2 Oct 2000 00:17:59 -0600

> Things have been a little slow lately, so time for another GML interaction
> test =)
> So ... name your 3 favorite mechanical designs (i.e. be they giant robots,
> all the way down to powered suits) from series/movies other than Gundam.
> Let's keep it restricted to anime for now, so no video game designs. To
> it more challenging and encourage more debate, you also should state why

1) Anything from Wlaker Machine Blue Gale Xabungle, but especially the
Walker Galliar. I don't know why,but a mecha western where the horses are
replaced with robots rocks, also, I LOVE the control interface, they have
STEERING WHEELS! Mecha that drive like cars! Too Cool!

2)Macross Valkyries: I know everyone and their dog has this on their list,
but there is a reason, they rock.

3) Anything from Dangaio, Iknow it is fluff, but the designs are so spiky,
and cool.

Honorable mentions to:

Metal Armor Dragonar
Space Runaway Ideon
Steel Demons

I like angular and funky designs


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