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oooh-kay, let's have a go :>

1) Macross Plus, i'm sorry but to me comparing basically any
transforming Gundam or MS design from any of the time-lines to a
Kawamori VF is like compareing the pre-Wright Brothers aircraft debacles
with an F-16
2) Gears from Heavy Gear the RPG and the Computer game, some of the most
realistic and plausable mecha designs i've ever seen without being
totally ugly like the Votoms mecha (sorry, but the R2-D2 heads just
don't do anything for me)

3) Aestivalis from Nadesico, cute and nimble designs with innovative
cockpit styles and a novel way around the problem of how you make a
humanoid mecha maneuver and articulate like a living person without
having control knobs for each and every joint.

honerable mentions: the Patrol labors from Patlabor, including
'Alphonse' and Type ZERO.. Hardsuits of the Knight sabers form BGC,
especially with linked moter-slaves... the transforming Garland cycles
from Megazone 23, sleek yet beefy bikes with nice-sized mecha modes (i'm
sorta partial to the smaller end of the mecha scale myself for the most


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