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> So ... name your 3 favorite mechanical designs (i.e. be they giant robots,
> all the way down to powered suits) from series/movies other than Gundam.
> Let's keep it restricted to anime for now, so no video game designs. To make
> it more challenging and encourage more debate, you also should state why ;p

1. The eponymous mecha from MADOX-01, which was essentially an exoskeletal
frame onto which the designers attached actual armament from Jane's All The
World's Weapons. This is easily the most realistic powered armor concept that
I've ever seen.

2. The MONO Pod from COWBOY BEBOP, which is a space pod with manipulators that
becomes the cockpit of another mecha with which it docks. While this only
occurs with fighter-type space craft in CB, I see no reason why it couldn't be
applied to any mecha you care to name -- giant robot, submersible, race car,
helicopter -- such that you could interchangably pilot anything and everything.

3. The Wheel from WONDER 3/AMAZING 3, which is essentially a three-meter (10')
wheel with a 150 cm (5') spherical cockpit as the hub. It was amphibious, with
the hub being buoyant and the wheel propelling it through the water like a
riverboat's paddlewheel. I was quite taken with it as a boy and delighted to
see an analagous MS support vehicle turn up in V GUNDAM.


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