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Sun, 1 Oct 2000 20:20:54 -0700 (PDT)

Cool, I luv pointless polls like this. In order:

1: Aura Battler SIRBINE. Nearly all the DUNBINE mecha-bugs have been big
faves of mine since the beginning, but this one especially. I consider
myself very fortunate to own a copy of the beautiful Max Factory vinyl
kit... but why is there a naked lady on the shield?

2: VF-1S "STRIKE VALKRIE" (Battroid mode). I seem to be in somewhat of a
minority in that I really have no taste for Kawamori's design works...
except for the original MACROSS, which I lurv. This one epitomizes, for me,
the essence of cool real-robot design, 80's style. And fortunately, the
1/100 SUPER BATTROID kit has aged quite gracefully. Hopin' for new ones if
the Hasegawa fighter kits sell!

3: SCOPEDOG (standard version). Normally I loathe the works of Kunio
Okawara, but VOTOMS was his one true moment of shining genius. Great,
realistic stuff here, far ahead of its time. And who wouldn't want one of
these things to beat the rush-hour blues?

Honorable mentions to the INGRAM, YUSHA RAIDEEN, and the MACH 5.



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