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On Sun, 1 Oct 2000 20:44:08 -0700 Echo|Fox <> wrote:
>Things have been a little slow lately, so time for another GML interaction
>test =)
>So ... name your 3 favorite mechanical designs (i.e. be they giant robots,
>all the way down to powered suits) from series/movies other than Gundam.
>Let's keep it restricted to anime for now, so no video game designs. To make
>it more challenging and encourage more debate, you also should state why ;p

1) the Macross Mecha....ALL of it. Probably my favorite from the series would be the Tomahawk (which became the Warhammer in BTech). As for why, the fighters are just plain (no pun intended) cool, and the destroids just seem...I don't know...real.

2) The Knight Sabers' battlesuits from Bubblegum Crisis. So powerful, yet so curvaceous. No mistaking those are women in there! Probably my favorite suit among these is Priss's. Just love the look, it says, "Yeah, I'm a bad ass...want to make something of it?"

3) dunno....maybe the power loaders from Power Dolls. Again, these seem fairly realistic....and they are just loaded with weapons...very clearly loaded with weapons.


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