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Things have been a little slow lately, so time for another GML interaction
test =)
So ... name your 3 favorite mechanical designs (i.e. be they giant robots,
all the way down to powered suits) from series/movies other than Gundam.
Let's keep it restricted to anime for now, so no video game designs. To make
it more challenging and encourage more debate, you also should state why ;p
My turn:
1. Macross Valkyries - I'm a big fan of Kawamori, not so much as Katoki, but
I really like his work. Everything from the VF-1 series in Macross, up
through the YF-19 and YF-21 have a grace in design not normally seen in
mechanics. If I had to choose one, I'd have to go with the original Strike
Valkyrie ... such a classic design still holds up today.
2. The Guymelef Escaflowne - Hey, I'm a sucker for giant robots with capes
and swords. The whole ornate suit of armor style works really well, and its
quite stunning in motion.
3. Gekiganger! - For pure whimsy, nothing beats Gekiganger. As I've said
before, I missed the 70's giant robot craze, so have no great appreciation
for the era's design. However, Gekiganger's tounge in cheek take on the
style sits well with me. Gekiga-PUNCH!

Honorable Mentions: The Ingram's from Patlabor and the LED Mirage from Five
Star Stories

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