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BlazeEagle wrote:

> Zechs voice was fine, the only thing wrong with it was that his voice
> made Zechs sound *evil*, just like a generic super hero type villian,
> of a normal person. Zechs is not evil just has different ideas. I think
> if the voice actor could drop the evil overtone, he would be fine as

I wonder if this wasn't more the V/O director's fault? And/or possibly a
recording schedule that didn't allow the cast to become familiar with their

Whatever the reason, I do find it strange that anime, despite its high
popularity, always receives such piss-poor treatment in the V/O department,
whereas even the worst American kiddie toons tend to hire experienced and
capable voice talent. Cripes, Maurice LaMarche and Tress MacNielle are
voicing crappy webtoons for Icebox... couldn't they do GUNDAM as well?

(Terrible Joke Alert: "So, Giren.. what are we going to do tonight?" "The
same thing we do every night, Pinky... TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" Ooooh,
my geek bladder is hurtin'...)

Ahem, anyway, what I'd REALLY love to see them do with MSG is to pull a
"Gargoyles"... get a kickass voice team together, famous names... I
already have a few personal prefs for various characters/actors (hmm, is
that a new thread?). But I accept that the chances are just about nil for
something like this, and can only hope the final redub isn't too



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