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<< All I can say is we are totally
 screwed if the guy who did Zechs voice in the Wing dub ends up doing Char
 ... not only will it totally screw with new fans perceptions, but damnit,
 that voice actor _sucked_ a big one. >>

  Zechs voice was fine, the only thing wrong with it was that his voice actor
made Zechs sound *evil*, just like a generic super hero type villian, instead
of a normal person. Zechs is not evil just has different ideas. I think that
if the voice actor could drop the evil overtone, he would be fine as Zechs.

  Actually, all of GW's voices where fine, it's just that most of the voice
actors use stereotypical voices, instead of normal people voices. I am sure
the original MSG series will be fine, as GW is very similar to a super robot
type show, where as MSG is much more serious/realstic then GW.


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