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Last week was a good week for me =) Got pretty much all the Gundam stuff I'd
ordered (just waiting on my MS Encyclopedia now...) in the last little while
in the span of a few days. So time for a quick review session:

HCM HiZack - Rather nice. Needed panel lines something fierce, but with
their additions looks quite nice next to my RX-178. Methinks the HCM line
would be a good one to reissue in north america for the UC launch. The toy
designs hold up remarkably well. Not as nice as the HCM RX-178 (who is sadly
suffering beam sabre envy. I painted his beam sabres, so he can finally hold
them, but they're a little .. erm ... short. Highly out of scale. I think
he's gonna confiscate one of my MSiA Zeta beam sabres), but a nice
complement. I'd give it 7.5 out of 10.

MSiA Zeta Gundam - I was really looking forward to this guy. Overall he
looks GREAT, but his wave rider bits fall off at the slightest touch and
require glueing for proper display. Same for the stupid energy pack on his
beam rifle. Once those 4 parts were properly glued, he looked much better
and I was able to get some nice dynamic poses out of 'em. Coloring is good,
proportions seem fine, and the detail level is high. Too bad the Hyper Mega
Cannan (or whatever it's called) is a huge dissapointment. I can find no
reasonable way of making him hold it. The box's example with the barrel
resting on the ground looks kinda silly. Too bad. If the fact that having to
glue parts on bothers you, consider my review as a 6.0 out of 10, but if you
can get past that, its an 8.5 and a really nice MSiA.

MSiA Dom - I've got mixed feelings about this guy. He looks great, is made
of a nice hard plastic, unlike the softer stuff of my Zaku II and Zeta, and
there's really nothing wrong with him. Posability is a bit limited, but
thats more a side effect of the Dom's design, and no slight against the toy.
I guess my only complaints are the fact that the head can't rotate and the
limited weapons. Two heat sabres is nice (which is supposed to be the lit
form? yellow or blue? the box implues blue but that seems wrong..) and the
bazooka is exactly as it should be... it seems a bit lacking somehow, but
again, its no slight against the Dom, because these are EXACTLY the weapons
its supposed to come with. I guess this can be used as a benchmark against
which other MSiA's can be jdged, since its so middle of the road, neither
doing anything spectacularly right or horribly wrong.

Master Grade GM Custom - I'm about 40% done assembling this one, and I did
something slightly different this time. Rather than following the
instructions suggested order (As I've done with my other MG's), I assembled
the head, detailed it, the body, detailed that, the crotch, detailed that,
and stuck it all together as I went along. It seems to be a bit more fun
assembling the whole body as you go, rather than doing all the limbs, then
the body, and sticking it together. I can't say I'm overly thrilled with the
color, its a bit too baby blue for my tastes, but it surprisingly goes quite
well with the dark grey of some of the other parts. Considering how close it
is to the Alex, i'm glad to say this kit resolved most of my problems with
the Alex's design. Plus it has THE coolest shield ever :P Two questions for
anyone who's worked on this kit ... a) how do you get the orange tinted
visor as seen on the box? some kind of semi-transparent paint? and b) i've
read about some "cheap" ways of weathering and darkening up designs ..
something about a wash in a thin black paint or somesuch? anyone have
further details on how that works? Also I now know why they include two
antennae's ... I dropped the head+body about 2 inches and the bloody
antennae snapped off. Curses! I'm coming around to the GM side of things.
Save for the original GM (i.e. non-retconned), the mass produced units are
all incredibly cool... at least as nifty as any fancy pants Gundam ;p

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