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I wasn't terribly thrilled with GundamShop:
1. They billed my credit card on the 5th, and didn't ship it until the 7th.
VERY bad form.
2. No way of checking your order status without e-mailing them.
3. Prices are only "Average". They're not trying to rip you off (much) but
there are no deals to be found here.
4. Shipping time was abnormally long. Fully 3 weeks before it arrived, and
the box wasn't even opened by customs. I have no idea what's up with that. I
recieved items I bought from eBay a week/week and a half later on the same
day as my GundamShop order.

All in all, i doubt i'll order from them again. You can easily get better
prices on MG kits from eBay, and they're perpetually out of stock on most
things. Their MSiA prices aren't horrible, 14.99$, but that's a full 50%
markup over yen price. I'd have to say I was happier with my order from
AnimeNation in all ways. Close to the same prices, and AnimeNation just
seemed more professional.

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> I thought I'd gather this thread to weight the pros and cons of both > services, at least in my experience. I prefer ordering within my country, so > that's why these two are represented. > > > in my opinion, very good deals and very fast service(5-6 > days) even after their hiatus. Unfortunately their selection is somewhat > limited at times, but they do have some interesting rarities-mostly of the > toy variety. > > > they have a much wider selection and give you chances to > win coupons and in some cases kits(Such as their current Sazabi contest) > however their service is somewhat poor. Example: I ordered two Victory > Gundam kits and a Dom weapons book. It took two and a half weeks for it to > reach me, and when it did, one of the Victory kits was missing! So I had to > call them, and had to wait another week just to get the Victory kit. Geez. > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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