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Welcome to the ML, James! I look forward to the types of reviews you've been
putting up on rec.arts.anime.models!

Joaquin Torres

"James E. \"ZEE\" Doyle" wrote:

> Hey all, long-time listener, first-time caller here. Just a quick note to
> introduce myself to the group.
> I've been collecting GunPla since 1984. In that time I've managed to
> accumulate about 85% of Bandai's total GUNDAM kit output (not counting SD),
> so I consider myself somewhat of a minor authority on the matter. Some of
> you know me from rec,arts,anime.models, so to you folks I say both "hiya"
> and "all apologies"... heh heh.
> I've been reading the web-based GML archives for some time now. Y'all have
> some pretty fun discussions in here, and I hope you'll find my contributions
> worthwhile. I'll try to participate as much as my time and bog-slow
> web-based e-mail will permit.
> Glad to be on board. Peace, kids.
> J.E.D.
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