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Actually from my experience, it's actually cheaper to get them at Toys R' Us
than anywhere else. Toys R' Us has GW 1/144s for 1/144, while my local hobby
shop has them for $19.99!!!! Plus they price the No-frills version of GP-02
at $85!!!! Char's Chrome-Zaku for $100! and the add-on parts for the perfect
grade Zaku is nearly as much as the kit itself!

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>i just read that the original series is going to be shown in the states
>next year. the japaneses have convinced the americans they must start from
>the beginning.

"Convinced"? I think it's more like a direct order from the parent company.

>this is largely due to the success of g wing in the states
>and they are willing to go with the old animation. can't wait to be able
>to buy master grade kits at toy r us.

At hugely inflated prices... I don't think so.


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