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Sun, 1 Oct 2000 03:58:58 -0300

>Actually Neil is not involved with the north american release of
>Gundam. From what i read in rec.arts.anime.misc he asked to be
involved (he
>did subtitling for the 3 MSG movies, 0080, and 0083, as i recall),
but was

I got told otherwise but it was on IRC, and I'm not exactly shocked
that I got information that was obsolete.

> All I can say is we are totally
>screwed if the guy who did Zechs voice in the Wing dub ends up doing
>... not only will it totally screw with new fans perceptions, but
>that voice actor _sucked_ a big one.

Mind you, I think that he was fine as Vegeta in DBZ, but I've seen all
of GW in sub form (not in good vid quality :( but that's not the
point) and I loved the voice acting. I found the dub (all 3 eps that I
watched, the YTV preview up here in Canada) was a shame. I ended up
wondering who killed Duo, but that's another story, too.

JB, running off to kill someone on IRC.

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