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Actually Neil is not involved with the north american release of First
Gundam. From what i read in rec.arts.anime.misc he asked to be involved (he
did subtitling for the 3 MSG movies, 0080, and 0083, as i recall), but was
declined. Suffice to say the subtitling should be fine, but it remains to be
seen whether they do the dub justice. All I can say is we are totally
screwed if the guy who did Zechs voice in the Wing dub ends up doing Char
... not only will it totally screw with new fans perceptions, but damnit,
that voice actor _sucked_ a big one.

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> I may not be on this list much longer, so I'll make this real quick. > > >From what I'm told the guy doing this job and the associated OAV's is > 'Neil Nadelman'. He's supposed to be a relatively well known > translator and, from what I'm told of people in the business, the #2 > around. (Of course I aim to knock him from his spot at some point, and > would have loved to do this anime job, but I'm too new in the business > for that.) I was almost hired to do an RPG tie-in translation, but it > fell through because the middleman was charging the client too much > and scared the guy off, basically, at the last minute. > > I hope I'll get involved with future Gundam productions at some point, > as I continue to be a very strong fan of the series. > > JB > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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