Paul Fields (
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 21:23:50 -0400

Like the Limp Bizkit song goes...

now I know why you want to hate me... cause I'm on the screen
five minutes, and the battle is sucky...

After a long Hiatus, I stopped watching the original series after
Miharu died... tonight I resumed watching the original series, and
the Zakrello sucks... It shows up in the beginning of the episode,
scares Hyato while doing absolutely NO DAMAGE to the space
battling Guntank... (Hyato doesn't get a Guncannon in the series)
The Zakrello hits nothing with its big beam weapon, and when the
Gundam finally launches, the Zakrello's claws each the size of the
Gundam's legs scratches the paint on the G-Booster thingy... and
in a second pass knocks off one of the hubcaps on the Gundam's

The Gundam plunges a beam saber into the MA's back, and it flies
off like South Burning's GM, and explodes. It is absolutely THE
slowest battle I have seen yet, and the action is reminiscient of the
supermarionettes, or claymation or something...

I never knew just how bad it was...


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