Ricky Lai (x-lai@uchicago.edu)
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 15:18:35 -0500

If Zion were to start apologizing for some of her less-dignified subjects,
shouldn't the Federation begin their list of apologies as well? Why hasn't
anybody kept count of the crimes a corrupt government like the Federation has done
to its people? Are the people in the Earth circle to sit and wait for the
Federation to suck the last bit of life out of humanity? Just because the crimes
of Zion military are pettier and physical, hence more obvious, doesn't mean
everyone should ignore what the Federation is committing behind the scenes. The
Federation might have been elected, but there was only one election in the
beginning -- and no one was able to dispose of them ever since. With their
political advantage, they require no effort in making the Zions look like
totally-bad guys. I honestly never like Giren, nor the Zions in 0079/0080. Yet
it doesn't take them to reveal what the Federation truly is: a puppeteer who
steals while the audience was too focused on the puppet.

Chris Beilby wrote:

> Exactly... Ricky, I think that you're missing Tomino's original message
> about Zeon, because you're blinded by the Pro-Zeon rhetoric that was thrown
> around in 0083, and to a lesser extent in 0080. Remember that, no matter
> how corrupt the Earth Federation is in the anime, they are still the
> legitimately elected government. The Zabi regieme is a dictatorship formed
> when Zeon Daikun died, and Degin Zabi took power. Yes, Side 3 had seceeded
> from the federation. BUT had the Federation taken any action against Zeon
> prior to the war? No. ZEON started the war. Zeon killed most of the
> population of three full SIDES in the first days of the war, then dropped a
> colony on one of the most heavily populated cities on Earth! Even if it was
> Giren working from behind the scenes, there's still no excuse for these
> actions...
> Ricky, I don't see how you can defend Zeon the way that you do... This is a
> force who has officers like Aguille Delars, who is willing to drop another
> colony on Earth for nothing more than Revenge, like Killing, who would nuke
> a NEUTRAL Colony to destroy 1 MOBILE SUIT. Don't base your assessment of
> Zeon merely on it's soldiers.... Anavel Gato is blinded by his own
> fanaticism, while others like Steiner Hardy and Ramba Ral do see Zeon for
> what it is... In the case of these two, they knew the truth, but they still
> fought for them, not out of loyalty to their government, but rather a sense
> of Bushido, knowing that they were being sacrificed needlessly...

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