Ricky Lai (x-lai@uchicago.edu)
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 15:02:26 -0500

Just because the Federation was better at pretending to be good guys doesn't
make Axis-Zion worse in nature. Granted both parties have their own political
ambitions, the Feds are really apathetic towards the suffering of the majority
of population. All those fools care about is their personal gains from a
diseased political system, without any wish for improvements to humanity. It is
true that Hamaan is a little radical in sacrificing so many for her objective,
but that number is minute compared to that which the Federation is slowly
poisoning to an ignorant death.

Hyun Kye wrote:

> Wait, I think Eddie is right at this point? How did Axis got rid of those
> "Zeon" ideals? Way I see it, Haman Khan "SAYS" that they did but in reality
> Haman Khan was not too different from Giren? She set up Minerva as a
> figure-head while keeping the real power for herself(Just like how Giren set
> his father Dekin as a figure-head) and besides, wasn't her ideals almost as
> crazy "maniac" as Giren's?

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