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Char apparently has his own issues with the Zabi's, not to mention that his
so-called ideals aren't that straight either -- a great deal of his "counter-attack"
was based on his personal vengeance against Amuro.

As for Axis, what has not changed about their way of thinking? Their wish to
eradicate an inept government that could not care less about the population? That
Hamaan "brainwashed" Mineva is argueable, since that was Char's opinion in the first
place. What is known for sure is that Hamaan does care about Mineva, despite some
understandable negligence on her part. She needs a figurehead to accomplish the
objective of replacing the corrupted Federation, just as any other leader requires
some sort of higher object, be it a person or an ideal, to spearhead an operation.
Unlike those fools on Earth, Hamaan received great support and loyalty from her
people. Gremmi may be an exception, but he is simply driven by his own ungrounded
ambitions. With her talents in leadership and faith in creating a better world, she
deserves to lead humanity to another dimension -- one in which the ideals of
Newtypes are realized -- to live in harmony and understanding.

Edward Ju wrote:

> So... why was Char/Quattro so upset when he went with the Aghama to negotiate
> an alliance with Axis the first time? Why did Bright think that all these
> years haven't changed the way the people of Axis thinks a bit? And how was
> Hamman Kahn able to brainwash Minerva without anyone in Axis raising their
> eyebrows?

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