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Then Half-Life it is. I really would like to see a Gundam mod for a first
person shooter (and not just player models). And considering you prefer HL,
it would be better to stick to it since your probebly more familiar with it
and will probebly get best results from it.

And judging from Counterstrike, the HL engine can do outdoors areas quite

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>Well, I like HL because for one has the better engine. Second,
>it's system is a lot better as in, the things you can do to interactive
>with the environment. Also, have to consider it's "mod-ability". I
>personally don't like UT's engine, and I'm not a big fan of Tribes.

>Q2...was thinking of, but it's more complex than HL 'cause HL was based on
>the Q engine.

>>I think UT or Tribes would be better games to do a Gundam mod >for, since
>>support much larger outdoor areas. Both games also have better >network
>>than HL which always helps in a multiplayer mod. ^_^
>>I've wanted for someone to do a generic mecha mod for Quake 2 >forever,
>>there are alot of cool anime mecha Plugin Player models >available.
>>Transformers Quake is quite abit of fun BTW.
>>---Brett Jensen
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