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<< I never see too much about this kit, perhaps the oddest MG of all since the
 mecha only appeared on screen for two seconds and in no MSVs. Is it any
 good? I'm just getting into MGs, had problems at first with the Gundam Mark
 II(Titans) but did a good job as far as RX-79 Gundam Ground Type was
 concerned, although I goofed up on one part of the backpack mechanism. Any
 opinions on this kit? >>

  Oops, sent a blank message, sorry. I've never built this MG kit you are
talking about, but don't feel too bad about goof ups. I usually make at least
one stupid goof up on every kit I have built, no matter that I've been
building them for several years now. That make you want to slap yourself in
the head, don't they? :)

  I broke my HGUC GP01's chin, trying to push it into place. Glad model
cement fixed it! I glued a wrong piece together once!


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