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Fri, 29 Sep 2000 18:32:53 -0300

Hello, I just found this mailing list from the Anipike and decided to
try it out. My name's Jeremiah Bourque, I'm 22 (almost 23), have been an
anime fan for a while, and particularly like Gundam. I'm also a
professional Japanese to English video game translator. I do whatever
work I can get, and haven't been in the field long, since I was studying
my Japanese and getting good before about four months ago. I've done a
manga volume, two PS2 games, and a bunch of small jobs, no RPG's or
anything like that. I'm a dialog specialist and an RPG specialist, so
I'm spending my time trying to be a better neighborhood otaku in the
meantime, until I get a long-term job lined up.

Though I'd seen a little bit of Gundam X and Wing, it was the Super
Robot War games that really got me deeply into all things Gundam or
mecha. Within a month I will get my mitts on mail-ordered Super Robot
Wars Alpha and MSG: Giren's Greed (Blood of Zeon)... I'm greatly looking
forward to continuing to get deeper into the world of anime, and perhaps
at some point translating Gundam or other mecha related anime coming to
the US. I'm a WRITTEN dialog specialist, because I am great with that
and only decent with my understanding of spoken Japanese (in other
words, I can't do it by ear alone) and have no direct experience, so
it's something I'll be doing eventually, just not today.

Very pleased to meet you all, and I hope to have a fun time on this
mailing list. It pleases me greatly to associate with fellow mecha fans.

Jeremiah Bourque

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