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> Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok...I maybe showing my how long it has been since I
> have actually been to a con, but.....Sayla Scouts....someone please tell me
> more....I gotta know...consider it girlfriend is a dancer,
> and has been considering doing something like this for a little while....
> More that a little bit frightend by the possible answers,
> Jim G

That's funny, my exgirlfriend was a dancer, and did similar things.
(Emulating anime heroines for her look) ... What really put a smile on my
face was her coming home one night, telling me that for her set she had
played one of my songs which took samples from "Voices" of Macross+ fame, to
a drum and bass track, and it had these japanese businessmen going crazy for
her because of it :)

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