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Hmm... if you're not a Hong Kong local, that might be a little tough,
especially if you don't know or read Chinese.

Anyway, apart from Ying Ming, which appears on the map Gan so graciously
provided, there is another shop on the same road -- Sai Yee Street -- that
sells Gundam kits. I won't attempt to translate the name here, but it has a
yellow sign bearing a logo of three red characters. That shop doesn't
necessarily sell at the lowest price, but somehow I like that shop more than
this other one on Victory Avenue, which is about 10 minutes walk away. As you
go south on Sai Yee Street, turn to the east at the junction with Argyle
Street. Walk down Argyle Street for about 5 minutes and you'll see a rather
steep reinforced slope on the left. This is a sign telling you to cross the
street. Victory Avenue is one of the streets lined by old buildings on the
other side. Walk down the street and you should see a couple model shops on
the right. The larger one sells the HG Qubeley kit for HKD10 less than the one
on Sai Yee Street, but it is notorious for cheating on customers.

I realize this is not the place to detail instructions. Please email me if you
need further assistance: need further assistance: x-lai@uchicago.edu.

Char Aznable wrote:

> well, I came across a shop somewhat near where I'm staying and they're
> selling at lower than HLJ prices, that's somewhere in Wan Chai.
> anyway, I really need directions for Mongkok coz I went around there last
> weekend and there's just so many shops everywhere and I wasn't able to find
> a shop selling Gundam kits. an address would be okay, no need to bother in
> making a map.

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