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KurenaiJiku wrote:

> Well, I like HL because for one has the better engine. Second,
> it's system is a lot better as in, the things you can do to interactive
> with the environment. Also, have to consider it's "mod-ability". I
> personally don't like UT's engine, and I'm not a big fan of Tribes

Don't get me wrong, I love HL and Worldcraft, but I don't nessisarily think it's
got a better engine than UT or tribes, just different.

HL is an indoor engine, now it can handle pretty wide areas compared to Q2, but
it's still fairly limited. It also has decent but not top notch network code. even
after all the patches it still often crashes when I go back and forth between the
GUI, and game. It's about as easy to mod as Quake 2. It's also a very fun game.

Tribes Is primarily an outdoor engine, so inside areas are a bit sparse. it used
to favor 3dFX but now handles other APIs just dandy. Has excellent network code
and very easy scripting for simple mods. (Not so good for TCs) Play balance isn't
so good. (but that has nothing to do with the engine.)

UT is a very nice comprimise between an indoor and an outdoor engine. Major
drawback is that it hates all APIs except 3DFX. You can get it running decent in
Direct 3d with a bit of tweaking though, and it's still quite pretty with a few of
the bells and wistles shut off. It has excellent network code, It's easy to make
both simple mods (Mutators) and TCs. and it's a very fun game.

All in all, I'd say all three engines are excellent, (as is Q3A) but all three
also have drawbacks.

---Brett Jensen

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