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I built the RX-178 in Titans colors and there were no real hangups of note.
It certainly went together better than my NT-1 Alex (who is waaaayyy
overrated). Really the only things I can comment on are the stupid cloth
tubes you have to glue in a few spots ... I had no end of trouble with there
and got way too much glue on my fingers in the process =) Hmm what else ...
always make sure you put your polycaps in the right direction (but that goes
for all kits), since its usually hell to seperate two pieces once you've
stuck them together. I also snapped off the collapsable sidegrip on the
beamrifle (d0h!) and lost a beam sabre when I moved (double d0h!). I can't
say anything about the G-Defensor, but the Gundam Mk.II itself shouldn't
pose any major problems. Take your time and be careful and you should be

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> Ok, I hate being a newbie (yeah, we suck, all we do is ask stupid > questions), but I just got my first MG (Super Gundam) after having built > some 144's, and I don't want to screw this up. Is there anything in the > instructions for an MG kit that I shouldn't be missing? I mean, after > having leafed through it several times, I feel like the diagrams are > extremely clear and well-laid out, but what if I'm missing some > important message like "Do not attach polycap U4 to M1, lest you cause a > nuclear fission reaction," or something else along those lines. > > Eugene...who's thinking that he needs to learn japanese real fast or > hire a translator... > -- > For-pay Internet distributed processing. > > > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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