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Dear List:

> <<secondly.. CHAR KILLED GARMA!!! Char sounds cold-blooded enough to me
> to lead someone who seems to be a good friend of his inot the teeth of a
> federation warship just because he had the Zabi name, but to do that to
> a lover? why would he even consider becoming physical intimates with
> someone of that despise'ed bloodline? to lull his enemy into
> complacenciy? hardly, Garma would be sure to recognize him then unless
> Char keeps the mask on even during those times but i think we've gotten
> far too kinky as it is..>>
> Yes true. I think that made the shower scene not as um.... dunno the word, a
> little less surprising mabey? People often use that fact why there couldn't
> be any Garma and Char Yaoi, but who knows? Mabey he liked his friend but
> knew he had to kill him. Revenge for his father. Anyway, I'm not going to
> try to say it's true, but I'm open for all possibilities.

Well, maybe you can go the "jealous lover" route. Where there actually is
something between Garma and Char when they were in military school days, but
the impending marriage between Garma and his beautiful earthnoid fiancee
inspired jealous anger in Char, and that's why he started to finally put his
"revenge" act in action. Yikes, just thinking of this possibility makes my
skin crawl!

> ~Amanda


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