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I can't get the stupid java display to load (whoever designed newtype's
english site needs to be beaten with a herring repeatedly).
On another note, their Special Features pages shows dates when they'll be
updating. Oct 12 mentions a "most fascinating SciFi", which could be FTB,
and Oct. 19 says "Yes, this is the 'famous' anime character", so it's quite
possible that is Char or Amuro, since they're as famous as it gets.

For those who don't want to click the link, here's the text:


A message for those of you who are witnessing the birth of 'For the Barrel'.

Hi there. My name is Gichi Ohtsuka, of Barrel Works. 'For the Barrel', my story inspired by Yoshiyuki Tomino's novels, has been occupying me all through the long hot summer. Since August, I've been plugging away at it, and now, as we arrive at the more comfortable days of autumn, I've written three chapters of the series for Newtype magazine, and am about to start work on the fourth.

The big question from fans, both here in Japan and abroad, has been whether the 'For the Barrel' novel is really the first stage in the production of 'For the Barrel' in another medium. At this stage, I can neither confirm nor deny any of those speculations. As and when I can clarify matters, or what deals have been done, I intend to do so here on the online edition of Newtype.

One of the ongoing plans is to publish the 'For the Barrel' story in book form. The deal has yet to be finalized, so I am unable to announce a publication date just yet, but I am currently in talks with the editors in charge of the project. As I write, they are currently drawing up costings for the book.

Something I am pressing for at the moment is that the book should be published in three languages: Japanese, English and the Korean "Hangul" script. This is quite a rare phenomenon, of course, especially for a big mainstream publisher, so it is quite difficult to get the go-ahead. There are many things we have to tackle, especially how to deal with printing a trilingual book that includes Hangul script.

Why am I insisting so strongly that it should be tri-lingual? Well, I'll save that part for next time. It's tied up with the reason I started on 'For the Barrel' in the first place, and it's not necessarily anything to do with targeting the overseas market.

Anyway, speak to you again next time.

Gichi Ohtsuka

Author, 'For the Barrel'

P.S. If you have any comments on 'For the Barrel', I would love to hear them!


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