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ZeonChar wrote:
> > *has extremely scary thought about new UC Yaoi shrines showing up once MSG
> > airs on Toonami*
> >
> You know, I was thinking about that too. There already is an extremely scary
> amount of Gundam W Yaoi, only fueled by Toonami airings I am sure.
> ~Amanda
what's so scary about Yaoi? anyone who's reasonably secure in their
sexuality should have nothing to fear from fan-fics of Heero brushing
Relena off and shacking up with Duo.. but anyway

Garma+Char, i can see the apppeal some Yaoi fans might find in these two
pretty-boys, but face it it's just not there..

the Zechs+Kushranada or especially the Trowa+Quttrae angles are
ambiguous enough to allow for the possibility, but you'd have to toss
out too many key story elements to make Char and Garma hop into the sack
with each other..

<possible spoilers>

(based on info form the dubs of the OYW movies, i have not seen the
original series)
first off, Garma has a fiance', a Female fiance' who he seems quite
ready to move heaven and earth for.. Char teases him about all he's
doing to try and look good in the eyes of his father and immpress his
sister, but really i think at least close to half the reason fo that
other than feling like he's earned his position in the Zeon
militayr/government rather than having it handed to him is so he can
have a strong enough positon with the Zabi clan to ask for certain
'concessioins' such as takeing an Earthnoid as his wife..

secondly.. CHAR KILLED GARMA!!! Char sounds cold-blooded enough to me
to lead someone who seems to be a good friend of his inot the teeth of a
federation warship just because he had the Zabi name, but to do that to
a lover? why would he even consider becoming physical intimates with
someone of that despise'ed bloodline? to lull his enemy into
complacenciy? hardly, Garma would be sure to recognize him then unless
Char keeps the mask on even during those times but i think we've gotten
far too kinky as it is..


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