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> > Too easily confused with Sayla Scouts (Moon, Jupiter, etc.), who are
> > fan dancers, not strippers, although both are considered to be ecdysiasts.
> Sailor Mars in particular. ^_^

Olympus Mons, indeed!

> > On the other hand, on-stage shower scenes seem to be popular now, in which
> > the Char Aznable impersonator can perform double duty....
> Ah, something for the ladies, but you can't have Char showering with out Garma
> sitting near by. Anybody remember the rumors that used to float around about
> and Garma? "Char didn't have that twinkle in his eye for nothing" etc...

None of which were disspelled in the slightest by Char's subsequent setup of his
former roommate.

Imagine how different the show would've been had Garma gotten between Char's
Zaku II and Amuro's Gundam, then skewered by Amuro's beam saber. In CCA, for
instance, Char might've suborned Hathaway Noa rather than Quess Paraya, which
would've really pushed Gyunei Guss over the edge.

Char: "Garma Zabi was a man who could've become my father -- and you killed

Amuro: "Garma? Your father? (beat) And what am I, chopped liver?"


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