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> Given that this monstrous MS is equiped with a beam-deflection system, does
> its I-field generator cover the entire unit or just the wing binders? If
> indeed the entire unit is protected by an I-field, how did Ru manage to score
> a fatal blow with Zeta's beam rifle? Surely Gremmi wouldn't be dumb enough to
> deactivate the I-field just because Puru II dashed out of the cockpit... but
> then the intelligence of those so-called pilots in ZZ are...

IIRC, the Queen Mantha's 'anti-beam deflector' is not specifically defined
to be an I-field anywhere, and it seems to be limited to the huge
shoulder-binders. I always thought it was some kind of special coating or
something, but maybe it is after all a limited I-field of some kind.

Besides, wasn't the Queen Mantha basically powered down by the time Roux put
in the final shot?

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