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Thu, 28 Sep 2000 08:21:04 GMT

>Subject: Re: [gundam] Gundam cosplay
>Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 17:52:39 EDT
>Doesnt anyone have any remote info on how to make Gundam costumes even? a
>link or resource would help.
believe it or not, it actually gave this one serious thought, after watching
the power rangers. I have heard that someone dressed up as a Zaku II for
Halloween and went to a local disco. ^^ (*foreign accent* In my country, we
don't have anime cons) It would seem that the suits they use for the robots
in sentai series are made of plastics and would be kind of expensive, and
difficult to do unless you have accesss to something that can mold large
pieces of plastic. The other alternative would then be cardboard. Still it
would take a lot of money and effort to make a costume that does look like a
Gundam and not a person wearing blocks on his shoulders and holding a gun.
I suppose I can draw something, so it can work as a visual aid, and type out
suggestions if anyone would like me to.
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