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Wait, I think Eddie is right at this point? How did Axis got rid of those
"Zeon" ideals? Way I see it, Haman Khan "SAYS" that they did but in reality
Haman Khan was not too different from Giren? She set up Minerva as a
figure-head while keeping the real power for herself(Just like how Giren set
his father Dekin as a figure-head) and besides, wasn't her ideals almost as
crazy "maniac" as Giren's?

Hyun Kye

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>>It'd be much to Zion's glory if they surface victorious simply because
>>they have
>>a higher belief and not because of superior hardware. The problem,
>>however, is
>>that has never happened. Most people still think Zion is just an
underdog, a
>>bitter anti-establishment that refuses to give up. By 0087, the main Zion
>>faction then -- Axis -- has long abandoned that crazy maniac's ideals;
>So... why was Char/Quattro so upset when he went with the Aghama to
>an alliance with Axis the first time? Why did Bright think that all these
>years haven't changed the way the people of Axis thinks a bit? And how was
>Hamman Kahn able to brainwash Minerva without anyone in Axis raising their
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