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At 21:11 09/26/2000 -0500, Ricky Lai wrote:
>Is this parallel to what's being said about Federation ships being able to
>cover almost all angles with their guns? As it is possible that combat
>have to handle both MS launching and ship-to-ship bombarding simultaneously, a
>battleship might find it not so well-positioned in aiming its fire when its
>units are being launched at a certain angle.

        Maybe. Honestly, most of the time we see MS launching before the
fleets gets into engagement range, which is generally a good idea (You don't
really want a fusion engine to go critical while on the catapult so near
your ship...). Not to mention that an MS on the catapult is a sitting duck
for snipers.

        If I was the MS commander on a carrier, and the carrier got got in a
fleet action before it successfully launches all its MS, I would rather dump
all my unlaunched MS into space via the airlocks rather than slowly catapult
them out.

        First: I need those MS out there *now*, before the enemy MS sinks
the whole ship. Second: If the carrier is caught in a fleet action, that
means the ranges are sufficiently short that the MS don't need a catapult
launch -- they can accelerate by their own thrusters to the opposite side
and do the damage.

        However, we do see MS launching while fleets are engaged,
particularly in CCA. Under these circumstances though, I would still prefer
the White Base/ Musai ship arrangement, since I would want to fact the enemy
while launching MS and simultaneously shooting him with my weaponry.

        The standard Federation Salamis weapon arrangements makes no sense
for a carrier since the carrier is not supposed to get so caught in a
free-for-all melee action... and the carrier is supposed to have MSes to
cover its own back.

        One thing to note: in the novels, the Pegasus was forced to stop
firing on a trio of Musais (IIRC) when its Gundam and Guncannons got close
to the Musais. Very obvious, since when a beam cannon finds an MS, it won't
stop to ask whose side the MS is on before vaporizing it. However, this
example implies two things:

        1. The weaponry on a carrier is truly meant to support the MSes --
fine if I can sink something by them, but MSes are the true ship killers now.

        2. The support role meant the White Base/ Musai arrangement is
ideal. Since the MS are launched early, the ships will be heading towards
each other initially and hence forward mounted weaponry is useful. However,
once the MSes gets too close, the ships cannot support them with long range
weapons, and will hence begin either withdrawing, or maintaining the
distance in anticipation of pickup.

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