Ricky Lai (x-lai@uchicago.edu)
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 22:48:28 -0500

It'd be much to Zion's glory if they surface victorious simply because they have
a higher belief and not because of superior hardware. The problem, however, is
that has never happened. Most people still think Zion is just an underdog, a
bitter anti-establishment that refuses to give up. By 0087, the main Zion
faction then -- Axis -- has long abandoned that crazy maniac's ideals; yet it
didn't stop them from losing to a bunch of lucky brats, who unknowingly helped a
corrupt regime continue its pollution of the human race.

Mark Simmons wrote:

> I hope you're being tongue-in-cheek here. Just because people think the
> Zeons are cooler, it doesn't mean that the ground rules laid out in
> original Gundam should be discarded and all of a sudden the Zeon hardware
> is 20 times better than anything the Federation has. Aren't the victories
> of the loyal followers of a genocidal maniac that much more glorious, if
> their weapons obey the same laws of physics as their enemies'?

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