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It seems to me like it's more likely to be an HGUC. It's sort of an ugly
design, but interesting in it's own way. Sort of looks like the Gundam got
mixed up with a Gelgoog. Honestly, I think MG has been restricted mostly to
(A) Gundams and GMs and (B)Star Zeon mechs. The Kampfer fits the later
profile, and the other MG I want to see made, the Nu Gundam, fits the
former. I'd also like to see an MG F91, but it's bound to be quite
small....anyway a more obscure mech like Dijeh is bound for HGUC.
Chris's MG predictions for next year:
Nu Gundam
Gundam F91
Chris's HGUC predictions for next year:
GM cannon
Gerbera Tetra(new and improved)
GM Kai(The reason I'm listing so many 0083 kits is that Bandai sort of needs
to fill the defiency of kits from that series)
Maybe some F91 or V mechs
Acguy(Preferably something closer to the MS 08th team version).
Zeong(Why not? Also, it can come with optional legs to make 'perfect Zeong')

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>Hmm, I don't know why you're lumping 2 TV series together and compare >them
>with a 6-episode OVA. I can turn around and say there's already >4 MGs
>from the 0080/0083 OVAs already - make it 5 if you wanna add The >08th MS
>Team to the mix, and the poor MG ZZ from Gundam ZZ is all >alone. Come on
>with a MG Hamma-Hamma or Jamru-Fin already!

I clumped them together, because they come one right after another so it's
KINDA like the same series ( you know what I mean) and all the OVA's are
from different time periods of the OYW. Plus, I'm just clumping together the
kits, not the shows. Any how I was wrong, there are SIX kits fro Zeta/Double
Zeta :)

> >oh and BTW, What is the Dijeh?
>It's a brand new suit Kalaba made for Amuro after Camille and Quattro
>went back to space and left Kalaba with the Rick Dias, which I guess >they
>didn't like. I thought you saw Zeta Gundam already?

I've seen parts of Zeta, all of wich I must say are awsome, so I guess I
missed the Dijeh. But I did find it at The Mecha Domain MK. II and it would
be an awsome MG.


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