Jam Masta' Jay (roaddogg_jp@hotmail.com)
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:45:02 GMT

>Hmm, I don't know why you're lumping 2 TV series together and compare >them
>with a 6-episode OVA. I can turn around and say there's already >4 MGs
>from the 0080/0083 OVAs already - make it 5 if you wanna add The >08th MS
>Team to the mix, and the poor MG ZZ from Gundam ZZ is all >alone. Come on
>with a MG Hamma-Hamma or Jamru-Fin already!

I clumped them together, because they come one right after another so it's
KINDA like the same series ( you know what I mean) and all the OVA's are
from different time periods of the OYW. Plus, I'm just clumping together the
kits, not the shows. Any how I was wrong, there are SIX kits fro Zeta/Double
Zeta :)

> >oh and BTW, What is the Dijeh?
>It's a brand new suit Kalaba made for Amuro after Camille and Quattro
>went back to space and left Kalaba with the Rick Dias, which I guess >they
>didn't like. I thought you saw Zeta Gundam already?

I've seen parts of Zeta, all of wich I must say are awsome, so I guess I
missed the Dijeh. But I did find it at The Mecha Domain MK. II and it would
be an awsome MG.


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